Roush Performance Packs

ADR Approved Modifications Mustang Motorsport has been working with S550 Mustangs since 2014, long before Ford Australia and others had them, and with previous model Mustangs for over two decades. So when it comes to enhancing and upgrading your Mustang, nobody does it better. Our Mustang Performance Packs combine genuine ROUSH Performance parts with Mustang Motorsport’s unmatched Australian experience to improve your Mustang’s horsepower, torque, drivability and handling, with a package to suit every budget!

Installation and Performance Calibration is included with all packages, and an optional driveline warranty is available or included. All supercharger modifications certified to local registry requirements. ADR approved modifications CPA#48329.

Mustang V8 5.0L
Roush V8 Mustang Supercharger

The Level 1 Performance Pack enhances the Mustang's V8 with Cold Air Intake and Exhaust upgrades, providing an extra 35kw* over factory standard. Level 2 adds headers and a full exhaust system to boost the Mustang's V8 by 65kw*.

The Level 3 and 4 Performance Packs both add the renowned ROUSH superchargers to provide the ultimate power and handling upgrades, along with Mustang Motorsport/Shockworks adjustable suspension and ROUSH exhaust. Level 3 utilises the ROUSH Phase 1 supercharger which adds 175kw*, while Level 3 adds a whopping 218kw* through the use of the ROUSH Phase 2 supercharger.

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Mustang EcoBoost
Roush EcoBoost Mustang Supercharger

Our EcoBoost Performance Packs not only improve the peak horsepower output, but dramatically improve the drivability through increased torque across a wide rev range. The Level 1 Performance Pack include Cold Air Intake and Exhaust upgrades to boost the EcoBoost Mustang's to over 450nm of torque*. Level 2 adds a Front Mount Intercooler, Blow-off valve and Iridium Spark Plugs to provide an over 500nm of torque*. Level 3 also adds a 3" dump pipe and full exhaust system which provides over 550nm of torque*.

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More Bang for your Buck
*Power measured at rear wheels and may vary depending on individual vehicles.

ADR approved modifications CPA#48329. Supercharger modifications certified to local registry requirements.